relahvant: people who use Facebook as a diary should have their Internet access revoked (via orgasm)


people who use Facebook as a diary should have their Internet access revoked

(via orgasm)

A girl was asked "Problems with being a girl?" "Being too tall Being too short Thinking you're too fat Being too lazy to workout Acne Covering your acne Doing your make-up perfectly Smudging your eye-liner Being called 'cake faced' Having small boobs Sore boobs Running with boobs Worrying about showing too much boobs Making sure your bra doesn't show Deciding what to wear every morning Wearing the same pair of pants too often Straightening your hair Curling your hair Braiding your hair Shaving your legs Shaving your armpits MISSING THAT ONE SPOT WHEN YOU SHAVE Painting your toes/nails Repainting them when they chip Twee-zing your eyebrows perfectly Hating your nose Forgetting Chap stick when you go out Buying a dress for a dance Hating the dress you bought Buying a second dress Finding the right shoes Worrying about having a date to the dance Worrying about going on dates Worrying about what to wear on dates Being sad because you don't go on dates Being sad because he took 43 minutes to text back and you took 2 Being sad because he didn't text back Over thinking what to respond to his text Over thinking in general PMS PERIODS MOOD SWINGS Cramps Birth control Wearing the right earrings Wearing too much jewellery Having your first kiss Having your first boyfriend Fighting with your boyfriend Breaking up with your boyfriend Being dumped Being cheated on Being used Being blamed Head/mind games Wondering what you did wrong Missing your ex Fighting with best friends Loosing best friends Crying because to lost them Crying about boys Crying about cramps Crying about your parents Crying because you're fat Crying because you're ugly Not believing him when he tells you you're beautiful Having unreasonable trust issues Feeling invisible 'Whore' 'Cunt' 'Slut' 'Bitch' 'Ugly' 'Fat' 'Weird' Drama Being left out Being forgotten Fear of loosing someone you love When you dress really pretty to impress that one guy and he isn't even at school today Worrying he's with other girls Being cheated on Being lied to Being misunderstood Being judged by strangers Not being able to eat whatever you want Wanting longer hair Wanting a different colour hair Wanting a different eye colour Being in between jeans sizes When they don't have a shirt you love in your size Never feeling good enough Being called a whore when you're a virgin Keeping secrets Secrets getting out Making mistakes People not letting you forget your mistakes Accidentally saying something mean to someone Clothing malfunctions Bad haircuts Depression Anxiety Anorexia Eating too much Swearing too much Having to act like a lady 24/7 Being clumsy Smelling good Having to moisturiser legs Having too short shorts in summer Finding the perfect bikini for summer Getting a tan Being too pale Being too dark Being sunburned Looking enormous in winter clothing Judgement for what music you like Guys with girlfriends Guys that are players Waiting for him to ask you out Boys in general Girls in general people in general"

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